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Recce Flight

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4 Regiment Army Air Corps Celebrate.

Exercising their right to march through Ipswich Town.


AAC 50 Years In Videos.     Part 1     Part 2     

Videos by Frank Dusty Miller FAA.  Click Part1 or Part2 to view.


Army Air Corps (M.O.D.)

All about the A.A.C from the official M.O.D. web site


Army Air Corps

History from 1942 to 1950 & post 1959


Army Air Corps start up.

Several Pathe News videos of the early days of the AAC.


Army Air Corps History Window

Salisbury Cathedral window dedicated by H.R.H. Prince Charles.


Army Air Corps Family Members.

Alan Maloney (Arborfield 58B) & Yazmin Maloney (Harrogate AFC)


Aden & The Auster

Source: Mike JACKSON (53A). Editor: John MOSS (55A)


Apache & Skeeter

Barney O’Shea (45B)


Demobbed Military Aircraft

Locations of retired military aircraft including A.A.C types. 



652 Light Aircraft Squadron, 1958 to 1960


Detmold 1962

Photos contributed by Tom Baker R.E.M.E.


Detmold Then & Now

2001 and 2002


Exercise "Flying Spanner"

Overland drive from Sharjah to UK.  Author:  Len Symonds (54A)



In service with the Army Air Corps  



Tofrek Barracks, World War 2


Jack Gledhill

R.A. & A.A.C.  Jack remembered in words and photographs.


RAF Middle Wallop

The Battle of Britain


Middle Wallop to Arborfield

SAE Middle Wallop to SEAE Arborfield by Bob Langley 53B.


Middle Wallop

From RAF to REME       


Middle Wallop

Aerial photos of Middle Wallop Base 1975 - 1976.


Middle Wallop & Australian Army Aviation

An enduring historical link dating from World War 1


Mystery Component

Can you identify this vital aircraft component of yesteryear?


Noel Read - 1944

Ex-RAF aircrew & Army Air Corps pilot



Middle Wallop June 2002 and May 2006


Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal Presentation.

Peter North.  Army Air Corps.  656 Squadron.  1958-59


Russel Henry Matthews M.C.

Royal Artillery AOP Pilot, Army Air Corps pilot, Army Apprentices.


True Blue     Part 1.  Australia.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Army Air Corps.


True Blue     Part 2.  Middle Wallop U.K.

The Celebrations at Middle Wallop by Frank Dusty Miller. F.A.A.


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