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Marching through Ipswich, Suffolk.


Contributed by: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


01 AAC Ipswich

An autumnal Wednesday afternoon in Ipswich town centre is given a burst of life courtesy of over 100 members of the 4 Regiment Army Air Corps. The regiment celebrated its 38th anniversary with the parade on 24 October 2007.

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02 AAC Ipswich

The unit, based at Wattisham Airfield, were exercising their right to the Freedom of the Borough - an honour awarded to them by Ipswich Borough Council in 2002.


03 AAC Ipswich

As would be expected from the army, the uniforms had been meticulously prepared - with every pair of shoes polished and buffed ahead of the parade.

04 AAC Ipswich

The event was also used as a platform to launch the Royal British Legion's poppy appeal. Mayor Inga Lockington and Commander in Chief, Col. Turner gave a speech to the unit and a crowd of spectators outside the Town Hall.

05 AAC Ipswich

The unit stand in formation on Ipswich's Cornhill. During the event Mayor Inga Lockington presented a good conduct award to Ipswich soldier T. Hayward.

06 AAC Ipswich

The local bird population wasn't impressed, but the rest of the crowd were thrilled as three Apache helicopters appeared over the archway in the Cornhill.

07 AAC Ipswich

The unit looked towards the giant poppy on top of the Town Hall as the Apaches hovered above.


08 AAC Ipswich

Flags and banners were on show during the parade and the unit was armed, with bayonets fixed.

09 AAC Ipswich

Four of the flags on parade outside Ipswich Town Hall.

10 AAC Ipswich

Following the salute the unit turned to the seated guests to prepare for another march through the town centre. "We are very proud of our servicemen and women," the Mayor said. "This should be a very proud moment for all of us in Ipswich."

11 AAC Ipswich

The unit marched towards Museum Street, before turning around and heading towards the Buttermarket. A private reception was due to be held at the Corn Exchange.

12 AAC Ipswich

As the parade headed back towards the Cornhill, the three Apaches made a final appearance overhead - with many onlookers rushing for a snap from their camera phones.




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4 Regiment Army Air Corps march through Ipswich town centre.




Poppy Appeal 2007.




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Published: 1st February 2019






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