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Photographs contributed by George MILLIE



March 1958 - Maintenance Support Services (MSS)


RAF & REME Technical Personnel




RAF personnel identified by Roy EGERTON

(back row - left) Cpl ‘NevFramp REME, (centre) Cpl ‘Geordie’ Leighton REME, (right) ‘Chalky’ White RAF

(centre row - left) n/k RAF, Cpl ‘Jock’ Cameron REME, Cpl Ken Russell REME, Roy Egerton RAF

(front row) – Sgt n/k RAF, Cfn n/k REME, Cpl George Millie, Cpl Roy 'Gonka' Godliman, Cfn ‘Jock’ Aird REME,

Cpl n/k RAF, n/k RAF

(kneeling) – n/k RAF


Note: Roy Egerton later served at RAF Stations Brüggen (BAOR), St. Mawgan (Cornwall), Laarbruch (BAOR), and was demobbed in 1966. Since then he has been employed by the private German airline LTU based at Düsseldorf, latterly as Chief Engineer. He retired at the end of 2001.




May 1958 – The “MSS CUP"


Historical note: The “MSS Cup” was an annual soccer competition played between MSS and the Flights in the Squadron. In the years prior to 1957 the Squadron title was 652 AOP Squadron.


The Spectators - “Football Hooligans”



RAF personnel identified by Roy EGERTON

(from the left) – LAC n/k RAF, Cpl n/k RAF, Flight Sgt n/k RAF, Sgt n/k RAF, Cfn n/k REME, Cpl ‘Chalky’ White RAF,

Cpl George Millie REME, n/k RAF, n/k RAF, Cpl Ken Russell REME, n/k RAOC, Roy Egerton RAF, n/k RAF, Cpl n/k RAF


The Players - MSS Soccer Team of 1958



Contributed by Bob LANGLEY (52B) - RAF personnel identified by Roy EGERTON

(standing) – n/k RAF, ‘Jock’ Cameron REME, n/k RAF, ‘Jock’ Aird REME, n/k RAF, n/k RAF, Danny Foster REME

(kneeling) – n/k RAF, Bob Langley REME, n/k RAF, n/k REME, David Kemp RAF


Information added 15th November 2012.

E-mail received from ex RAF Cpl. Bob Sutherland who identifies himself as standing 2nd from the right in the photo above.  Bob handed over his duties to George Millie 49B, seen below, in 1958.  After a gap of 54 years they have been put back in touch with each other.  More information from Bob is undergoing preparation so it’s a case of ‘watch this space’.




July 1958 - MSS Electrical, Instruments & Radio Workshop

Radio Servicing Bay



Sgt George MILLIE at the bench




August 1958



George MILLIE, & Terry REDDIN who was later posted to Hildesheim, BAOR on the re-formation of 654 Squadron




1958 - 652 Squadron Corporals’ Mess

“The Bar Flies”



(left to right) – Cpl ‘Sos’ Sutton REME, Cpl n/k RAF, Cpl Ken Russell REME,

Cpl George Millie REME, Cpl Bob Langley REME, Bombadier Gledhill RA



(from centre) – Cpl George Millie, Cpl Ken Russell, Cpl ‘Sos’ Sutton (barman)



(left to right) – Cpl n/k RAF, Cpl Ken Russell, Cpl George Millie, Cpl Bob Langley (back to camera)




Hermann’s Denkmal



Hermann’s statue, a symbol of German unity, erected 1838-1873. Called “Hermann’s Dinkle Donkle” by

British Servicemen of the era. A prominent landmark and navigation aid on a hilltop overlooking Detmold




1958 & 1959 - Visiting Aircraft


Piper PA-18 Light Aircraft - Royal Belgian Air Force



'Jack' RAF, Corporal Roy Drury REME, & n/k RAF



RAF Single Pioneer XL 558





RAF de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Light Utility Transport aircraft XN 142



Parked to the right is one of our Auster Mk IX light aircraft XK 416



Edgar Percival EP-9 experimental Light Utility Transport aircraft XM 797






March 1958 - February 1960


“Incidents & Accidents”


Auster Mk VII WJ 371 – Landing on boggy ground





Auster Mk VII WJ 375 – Hidden drainage ditch





Auster Mk VII WJ 377 – Hidden depression





Auster Mk VII (registration unidentified) - Undercarriage clipped a parked vehicle on take-off





Auster Mk VII WE 556 - Power line strike on landing approach





Auster Mk VII VF 607 – Cow-strike on take-off

The cow got up, moo-ed loudly and strolled away!





Auster Mk VII (registration unidentified) – Undercarriage clipped fence-wire during landing approach





Auster Mk VII VF 615 – Pilot error during take-off





Auster Mk VII VF 505 – Port wingtip bird-strike during take-off





First Published: 8th November 2006.

Latest Update: 1st May 2013.


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