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George MILLIE 49B

Retirement of George MILLIE (49B) Web site founder.


Appointment of Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


Demarcation between Website and Forum

Australian AAS

General information about the Australian Army Apprentices.

Barney O’SHEA

From the pages of “Rotor & Wing”

California in England.

Memories of California in England, The Cali or Little California.

Californias of England.

A tour of more Californias in England.

Champ World.

The Austin Champ Owners Club magazine features the 49ers web site.

Christmas 2004

Author – Trevor Stubberfield (52A)

Coronation Parade London - 2 June 1953

Information and photos from Accession to the Diamond Jubilee.

Eulogy to a Veteran

Anonymous poem

Fighting to Save The Thin Red Line

The decimation of the regiments of the British Army

Flying Jeep

WW II invention

Frozen UK Pensions

Fact sheet

HM Forces Veterans Badge

Eligibility & Application Form 

‘King Brat’ of the R.A.F.

A tribute to Richard Martin, a 1922 Lord TrenchardHalton Brat’.

Military Vehicles Conservation Group

Veterans on wheels

Osnabruck Garrison

Pictorial record of the closing parade of the Osnabruck Garrison

Remembrance Day Tributes Index Page.

Leads to a collection of Remembrance Day Tributes for Arborfield.

Royal Canadian Legion

The story of Arborfield Branch 203, Saskatchewan Province, Canada.

The Pretenders

British Ex-Services Association, Queensland, Australia

Time Travel

Mind-bending observations by Trevor Stubberfield (52A)

Visitors Flags

The National Flags of the visitors to the web site.


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