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House Magazine of the


Austin Champ Owners Club.


Contributed by: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


‘Champ World’ is the magazine produced by the ‘Austin Champ Owners Club’ for its members, who are dedicated to preserving the ¼ ton 4X4 Austin Champ or “Cutie” as some would remember the very early models. Not museum pieces but working, on road, vehicles. The history of each one is researched and recorded in detail, as is shown by some of the text in the following pages. The excellent quality of the magazine is of a standard that many commercial publications should aspire to.

In Issue No.16, Winter 2010, an article featured our web site, ‘Arborfield & The September 49ers’ because of the photos of Champs which were displayed in the memoir ‘Memories of Libya 1956-59’. As ’The Editor’, I was more than  happy to allow the article to be used. Who knows, with a world wide circulation, the magazine may lead to some of our lost Arborfield lads making contact. 

If any of our readers have any Champ photos, especially with a visible registration number, then I’m sure the club could make use of them and ensure that their register of details is updated.

The web site of the club can be accessed from  HERE.

The club web master Stuart Reid can be e-mailed from HERE if you can help with photos or information. Please contact Stuart first before sending your photos.





Webmaster Stuart Reid’s Austin Champ bears a very relevant number plate for we of the Army Apprentices School fraternity.



Published: 1st April 2011.