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HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge.
HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge



The following submitted by: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


The Government is giving you something for nothing, now there's a novelty.  It's a nice, well made badge which comes in a jewel box.  Be careful if your lady sees it first, she might think it's a ring for her.  Delivery time has been within two weeks, mine came in 9 days.


Please note.

Since first publishing this article on the Veterans Badge  there have been numerous changes to the terms of qualification and the address of the web site that dealt with applications, which have made it virtually impossible to ensure that our information is kept up to date.  Therefore I think that the best solution is to provide a direct link to the web site of the Veterans Agency where all matters relating to Veterans are dealt with.


To access The Veterans Agency web site




When arriving on the title page, click on Veterans Community and in that section click on Service Records, Medals & Badges. Next click on the text H.M. Armed Forces Veterans Badge. From there you can download an application form for the badge in whichever format suits you.




To download an application form (pdf. format.) direct from this site,  



The opening statement:

For generations our Armed Forces have served their country across the world in many roles from war fighting, peacekeeping and reconstruction to home defence. In so doing, they have defended our country, our way of life and our cherished values. A large number of our veterans are young and active and now use the skills, the discipline and the leadership they learned in the Armed Forces to benefit their civilian employers and the wider community. The Ministry of Defence Strategy for Veterans highlights that because of all this it is important to focus on supporting veterans of all ages by celebrating, and raising public awareness of, their achievements and their contribution to society. To promote recognition of veterans by the wider British public the unique and unifying symbol of the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge is available to ALL those who have served in HM Armed Forces.


The following submitted by: George MILLIE (49B)




Article first published: 31st December 2005.

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