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“Time Travel”


Observations by Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A) in e-mails to George MILLIE (49B)



“I had a call from Ted Fusilier BLOWERS the other day - ain't it exciting? I send things to you today and you receive them in my tomorrow. You answer in your today and I receive them in my today with tomorrow’s date on them. ‘Phone Ted at the right time and today I can speak to him in my yesterday which is his today, yet he is speaking to me today in his tomorrow which is my today. Now, if we were all on the ‘phone together, think of the time-span. And they say time travel doesn't exist!  I hope you followed that closely, …”


Published: 8th August 2004



“Second Thoughts”


With the demise of Concord we can no longer breakfast in London and fly to New York in time for another breakfast, but by sending e-mails or making ‘phone calls we can still travel across time zones. It made me think when, in one day, I e-mailed George Millie in Queensland, Oz and received a ‘phone call from Ted Fusilier Blowers in Alberta, Canada. Having read the above I thought it seemed a bit complicated - this is the simplified version.


If I e-mail George in the afternoon, I send it in my today, which is George's yesterday.  George receives it in his today which is actually my tomorrow. He replies in his today - my tomorrow - and I receive it in my today with tomorrow’s date on it.


If I were to e-mail Ted in the early morning I would send it in my today, which is Ted's tomorrow. He would receive it in his today, which is my yesterday, but it would have tomorrow’s date on it for him. If he replies in his today - my yesterday - I would receive it today with yesterday’s date on it although both e-mails were sent in one 24 hour period.


It really stretches the imagination if George e-mails Ted because other factors then come into play.


We know that in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, when you pull the plug in the bath, the water goes down the hole in different directions, clockwise or anti-clockwise depending in which half you are at the time. If there was a connecting pipe between the two holes then in the middle of the earth there would be a maelstrom as the contra-rotating waters met. I think that's where NTL, or Nasty Telecomms Ltd, send half of my e-mails. Obviously the time zones that e-mails cross when going from Oz to Canada depend on which way round the globe they travel. Is it quicker clockwise or anti-clockwise? I'm sure that somebody somewhere could get a Master's Degree out of this subject.


I hope this version made it easier to follow than my previous effort. Questions will be asked later.


Published: 12th September 2004