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A/T Stubberfield T. (1952A)


As I take up the reins as Manager of the September 49'ers website, this would be an apt moment to pay tribute to George Millie, founder and retiring Manager of the site.  George has made his endorsement in the message following this one and I thank him for his kind words and trust he has placed in me.  Whether or not I can live up to his expectations will only become apparent after a goodly spell in the chair.


Started as a place to record details and memories of his own intake 49B (September 1949) the website has grown steadily to become a treasury of articles recording Arborfield life as we experienced it, warts and all.  George worked alone to gather photographs, documents and memories into one place for all those interested in our history.  The site is open to all, free of charge and registration, a fact that has been noticed and commented on by many.  The quality and style of presentation runs through the site from start to finish giving it an almost corporate identity.  Arborfield lads have appreciated this and have been willing to make available their memorabilia for inclusion in the pages.  Indeed, their articles now cover the time from the opening of the school in 1939 to it's closure in 2004, a remarkable achievement by George.  He has previously stated that the site really belongs to all those who have contributed over the years and those who regularly log on to keep up to date with new articles.  That they do contribute and do log on is in itself a great tribute to George.


Twice in it's history the site has been lost from the internet, once in questionable circumstances and once due to a hardware failure at the host site.  Everything had been backed up safely but it was an enormous task each time to reload all the material to the web.  To do it once was hard work.  To do it twice was sheer graft.  Both times George set about his task with determination and single mindedness, and completed the work very speedily.


Now health concerns have led to George standing down as Manager, and I really feel for him.  To be cut off from something that has been a major interest in your life takes some coming to terms with.  The withdrawal symptoms could be as bad as the stress of the job you are leaving.  So it's with some relief and pleasure that I will have George sitting by my side as mentor and advisor for a while yet.  George, Marion and the medicos will recognise when the time has come for George to step down completely, and selfishly I hope that wont be too soon.


To George, on behalf of so many Arborfield lads, I say "Thanks George for all your hard work and dedication in creating the September 49'ers, a remarkable archive of Arborfield life.  Time now to enjoy some R&R with Marion and your family, a retirement hard earned and richly deserved.  Stand easy lad."  




Published:  15th. December 2006






Due to circumstances entirely beyond my control and acting upon medical advice, with effect from this date I hand over the management of the web site to Trevor.


I do so with the comforting knowledge that his sense of dedication and service, and his clearly demonstrated ability, rather than a strong desire to use the web site merely as a vehicle for self-aggrandisement, will ensure its future development and longevity.


He retains my total support until he feels that I have become “surplus to requirement” and assumes the position of Manager on the clear understanding that he has carte blanche in all matters relating to the web site.

George MILLIE (49B)


Published: 1st December 2006