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Contributed by: Trevor Stubberfield (52A)


National Memorial Arboretum Visit  17th September 2009


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Armed Forces Memorial


The Armed Forces Memorial.

The picture that heads each page is of the central feature of the site, The Armed Forces Memorial. It is a reproduction of a Post Card available for sale at the entrance to the site. Though many photos are available, the sheer impact of the Memorial can really only be gauged on a personal visit. A one word description is Stunning.


This view of the A.F.M. is taken from the direction of the R.E.M.E. Memorial. The saplings are newly planted and will take many years to mature. Some Memorials have been established on the new ground and can be seen midway.


One of the two groups of sculptures placed within the walls of the A.F.M.


I have left the visitors alongside the second group to give some indication of the size of the sculptures.




First Published: 1st October 2009




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