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Contributed by: Trevor Stubberfield (52A)


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Armed Forces Memorial


The R.E.M.E. Memorial.



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National Memorial Arboretum Visit  17th September 2009

I took the following photographs on a visit to the Memorial site which was to cover three areas of personal interest. The new R.E.M.E. Memorial, The National Forces Memorial and the Burma Star Memorial.

Since first publishing this article a fourth section has been added to record the story of Gallipoli.


The first section covers the R.E.M.E. interest.

The Memorial is set in a new section of the site which is being developed, and so the surroundings area is still quite rough. There is a possibility of flooding from the river Tame which runs nearby and the Memorial is set on a knoll. Under construction nearby is a Memorial to the Household Division and I think they will be keeping a close eye on proceedings. The whole N.M.A. site is an ongoing project, largely staffed by volunteers and will mature over a very long time.


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Front view of the R.E.M.E. Memorial.


To listen to the Corps Marches


Click on either Badge




Duchess of Kent



Commemorative Plaque


P1010187a w

‘Arte et Marte’ centre of the base.



Rear view of the R.E.M.E. Memorial with the Armed Forces Memorial in the distant background.


There are many individual commemorative plaques set throughout the site which have a relevance to R.E.M.E. A selection follows below.


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P1010182a w



The R.E.M.E. Memorial (refurbishment project).

Following the deterioration of the fabric of the Memorial, a comprehensive refurbishment program was undertaken in May 2015.  To view a pictorial record of the project 



Luton, Dunstable & District Branch of the R.E.M.E. Association

Garden of Remembrance.

Some time before the construction and dedication of the new R.E.M.E. Corps Memorial, the Luton, Dunstable & District branch of the R.E.M.E. Association had funded, constructed and maintained a Garden of Remembrance for those who had served and were associated with the branch. As it matures it will be a quiet spot in which visitors will be able rest for a while and think of friends and loved ones. This is a very worthwhile and excellent example of what can be achieved with some determination.

P1010178a w

The entrance arch.


P1010179a w

Crest and Title Plaque


P1010180a w

Dedication Plaque


P1010181a w

Somewhere to rest for a quiet moment


P1010201a w

Nearby is a Memorial to Toc H and Poperinge, the place of its birth, was taken for the name of the R.E.M.E. Depot located at Arborfield, near Reading in Berkshire. This barracks has since been demolished and the housing estate which replaced it bears the name of The Poppies. Memories can be relived at THE DEPOT or from THE GUARDROOM



First Published: 15th September 2009.

Layout Revised: 1st October 2009.

Latest Update: 1st November 2011.




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