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This website, in practical terms the archival element of “The September 49ers and Others”, now renamed "Arborfield & The September 49ers" remains entirely separate from “The Arborfield 49'ers Forum” (i.e. The “Niceboard” Message Board) which is under independent management.


The Management team of the archival “The September 49ers & Others” and it's new derivative "Arborfield & The September 49ers" bears no responsibility for any comments or opinions expressed on “The Arborfield 49ers Forum”


The Message Board


The Message Board is an important adjunct to the Web site, providing a forum which can be freely utilized by all who visit; some merely to read and others who wish to participate. It is based firmly upon the philosophy that everyone has the inalienable right to express an opinion without fear of ridicule or vilification. By the same token it must be recognised and accepted that every individual maintains the right to disagree and to express a different point of view. Each of us has the capacity to be wrong, and when such an occasion arises, far from it being seen as a sign of weakness it is honourable to make the admission and if necessary openly apologise.


Contributors may feel secure in the knowledge that they will not arbitrarily have their right of entry revoked or their contributions to the Forum expunged merely on the whim of the Manager/s, particularly if an expressed opinion or philosophy happens to be contrary to his/their own. Further, the contents of any private communication transmitted via e-mail or otherwise will not be published in full or in part unless it is specifically requested by both parties.


Management of the Message Board is currently in the capable hands of Gerry Gregus PECK, with Ken SIMMONS. They jointly agree that the role of Manager is precisely as the title suggests, and not that of self-appointed judge, jury, and summary executioner.




Contributed by Gerry PECK (53B)


Management does reserve the right to intervene or remove threads in which abusive comments or unsavoury language is used, especially if that is aimed at another contributor to the forum. Links to other websites will not be permitted on the forum unless management is sure that they are germane to the standards and ethics we wish to see maintained on this website. We extend the most cordial respect and goodwill to all those who wish to properly avail themselves of “The Arborfield 49ers” forum.


Please be advised that the views expressed on the forum are those of the contributors themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the website management.

Published: 17th April 2005


Amended: 1st January 2007



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