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Christmas 2004


By Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A) in an e-mail to George MILLIE (49B)



Seasons Greetings




Trevor and Mavis


They've turned out the lights, padlocked the door,

Our Arborfield home alas is no more.

I've stood outside, nose pressed to the gates,

Inside there is nothing, just memories of mates.


Two thousand and four was not a good year,

We lost Peter and Norman, friends we held dear.

Two thousand and five will give us new heart,

With hope that no more of our mates will depart.


And now it's Christmas, we send you our greeting,

Soon some of you we hope to be meeting.

All we ask is biscuits and tea,

When we stand on your doorstep, Mavis and me.


May you enjoy some good Christmas cheer,

Spend lots of time with those you hold dear.

And let's raise a glass to Arborfield mates,

Whose friendship we value this side of those gates.





Published: 19th December 2004