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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Monday 18th April to Sunday 8th May 2005


Cliff CHARLESWORTH (47B) & his wife Pauline


[Reporter: Gerry PECK]





Sunday 17th April

Cliff and Pauline Charlesworth arrived as scheduled and in good order. The flight was ahead of schedule and we met them at the time the flight was originally due to touchdown, they were both in good spirits but glad the long journey was over. In keeping with our duties as hosts, we drove them directly to the house and after a bit of a chinwag, fed them a light meal and settled them into their room.




Day One – Kingston & Mount Tamborine


Monday 18th April

I arranged for a mid-day meal with Roy Dusty Ashman and his wife Kay, this gave Cliff and Pauline the chance to meet them and a very pleasant lunch was enjoyed by all. The venue was "The Buffet Garden" at the Sunnybank Shopping Mall. Prior to that we had spent an hour or so at The Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary, where we were lucky enough to see one koala in the enclosure and one outside, along with a wallaby and a kookaburra. Seeing them in their natural habitat was a good start to the holiday for Cliff and Pauline.


Lunch out of the way, we set off for Tamborine Mountain, intending to check out the view from the escarpment and visit a winery. The view was partially obscured by lush new growth but we managed to find a spot which afforded a reasonable view of the valleys below. The winery was a disappointment, as there was a $3.50 cover charge to take part in a tasting. The first time I have ever come across this since I first began taking an interest in wines some 32 years ago. Cliff and Pauline were lucky enough to be permitted a taste without a cover charge and liked one of the wines well enough to purchase a bottle.


On the escarpment



(above & below) Pauline, Cliff & Gerry



Pauline, Cliff & Margaret


Tamborine Estate Vineyard & Winery


Pauline, Cliff & Gerry


On the way back to ‘Yetaboon’ for the evening meal, we called in at Pex Computers, where we found them flat-chat, with customers in and out like fiddlers’ elbows. Once the shop had quietened down, a tour of Peckingham Palace was undertaken. Cliff was even shown "The Yellow Peril". The NISSAN 300ZX which is now son Gregory's favourite toy.


After the evening meal, we rounded off the day with a quick visit to daughter Kathleen's place and had a look at her and husband Travis' hard work, lots of projects going on there as they prepare to place it on the market later this year. We had them back to ‘Yetaboon’ and tucked up in bed by about 21.30 hrs.



Day Two – Sunshine Coast


Tuesday 19th April

The day dawned bright and sunny so we got ready to drive north to the Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba. I had already organised to meet up with Phil Hutchinson (53A) and his wife Lynne and a quick phone call to new contacts Tony Ferguson (54A) and his wife Muriel saw them agree to front up outside the Underwater World complex at 14.15 hrs too.


Apart from some heavy traffic on the southern side of the Gateway Tollway, we had a good run up to Mooloolaba. Cliff and Pauline enjoyed the displays and huge aquariums; they were especially entertained by the very clever seal performance put on as live entertainment.


Cliff and new friend


Shark ordering lunch: “I’ll have that one – with chips. Yes, the one with the camera.”


Say “Ahhhh


Lunch there was quickly served, well prepared, reasonably priced and plentiful as regards quantity. We had fish and chips with beverage of choice to wash it down.


Photographed from the “Mudjimba” - Pelicans on the canal


Lunch out of the way; we took the "Mudjimba" boat tour of the residential canals and islands that adorn the lower reaches of the Mooloola river. The boat returned with about eight minutes to go before the planned rendezvous and as soon as the "Mudjimba" was safely moored, we hastened towards the foyer of Underwater World.


We never quite made it, for we were accosted by Tony and Muriel, whom we had never met before, as we headed along the jetty. In the midst of the greetings and hubbub, along came our good friends the Hutchinsons. A few minutes of excited chit chat and we made our way into Mooloolaba for a quick wet and in the case of Lynne, some lunch, as she had come straight out after finishing a nursing shift. We found a licensed bar and organised some bevvies and coffees, as per the taste of the individual, while Lynne ordered some nosh. We had a most convivial hour and half and Arborfield was well re-visited. Tony in particular was staggered at the memories which came flooding back. Better yet, he and Phil, who live reasonably close to each other, discovered many mutual interests and foremost amongst these was golf. Phone numbers were exchanged and a good rapport was established, very promising.




Cliff was greatly heartened by the cordial welcome extended to him and Pauline, a visit to Phil and Lynne’s place was arranged for next week, when the Charlesworth's will hire a car and set off for Bundaberg to see the Great Barrier Reef and sundry other sights along the Coral Coast.


On the return journey we called in at the "Ettamogah Pub” where we relaxed and had another beer, with wine for the ladies.


Cliff & Gerry with the “Ettamogah Pub” in the background


Pauline loved the quirky souvenir shops near the pub and brought a small item of jewellery. Traffic was light on the Bruce Highway and not too bad on the Gateway Tollway, so we were home in good time and soon sat down to a feed of steak, mash and leeks in cheese sauce, followed by a serve of Maggie's superb apple and plum pie. A nice end to day two.



Day Three


Published: May 2005