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Contributed by: Leonard SYMONDS (54A)



Work-up Exercise


Exercise ‘Messpot’, another unit, another cast (LWB) Landrover but painted shocking pink, was similarly placed although they were due off a week before us, so a joint up country trip to Masirah was organised. Handy to have company if things went wrong. In fact the trip was a great success notwithstanding the intense effort we put into cross desert work to try and encourage the things to fall off which might have a propensity for doing so. It was time to go back to barracks and hand over our day jobs before setting off.









(left, back to camera) Len Symonds with Steve Langridge; (right of picture, centre of group) Mike Estridge



Len Symonds


Len Symonds and Steve Langridge


Steve Langridge


Len Symonds


Published: 1st January 2007



Part 3