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The following photographs have been contributed by David Kemp R.A.F. Mostly of R.A.F. personnel they appear to have been taken around 1957 to 58 at the time of the aircraft servicing responsibilities being transferred from the R.A.F. to R.E.M.E.  Thanks to George Millie 49B AAC for the initial observations. If you can add any details or names please contact The Editor. 


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The Royal Artillery Sergeant in dress blues stands amid a gaggle of RAF bods. Looks like a formal dance in the NAAFI. The apparent absence of REME personnel would date the photo to pre-AAC  i.e. about the same  time that  Bdr. Jack Gledhill was first stationed in Detmold. A photo of Jack can be seen from Here.


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RAF personnel amidst Auster AOP Mk VII aircraft parked on the hard standing in front of the hangar.



In the foreground three RAF personnel. In the background RAF to the left with three RA personnel wearing dark berets, denims, web belt and gaiters.


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RAF personnel with an Auster AOP Mk VII parked on the hard standing in front of the hangar.


652sqn6 w

Probably RAF personnel in civvies in front of an Esso Service Station.


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This appears to be an Auster AOP Mk Vll  on a very bad day. Crashed somewhere, retrieved by the recovery crew and the bits displayed in kit form on the hard-standing in front of a hanger.



First Published: 1st April 2009




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