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75 Aircraft Workshops REME


Forward Repair Team (FRT), Kuching Airport June/July 1966


Photograph published by kind permission of Frank Dusty MILLER




During his service CPO Frank MILLER, Fleet Air Arm, served aboard three Aircraft Carriers namely:

  • 1951 - Ship’s Company on HMS ‘Vengeance’;
  • 1957 - 813 Squadron, HMS ‘Eagle’;
  • 1958 - 803 Squadron, HMS ‘Victorious’.


In his e-mail dated 26th September, 2007 he writes:


“I have been reflecting on the historical significance of the ‘old’ pictures you show on your web site and I wondered if you would be interested in the one I have attached (above). It shows the crew who were the Forward Repair Team (75 Ac Wksp) at Kuching Airport in June/July 1966.


Obviously I am the one in the ‘glow-white’ uniform, but apart from that, maybe some of your readers could identify the names of the others whom, I’m ashamed to say, have escaped me after all these years except to say the sergeant (extreme right) is Sgt. Dinks ISAACS.


Signed: Dusty”


Published: 1st October 2007