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1973 - 1975


Contributed by: Terry REDDIN (52A)

N.B. All photographs remain the Copyright © of the contributor and should not be copied without his express permission.


Edited by Trevor STUBBERFIELD(52A)


Sadly, Terry Reddin (52A) was Recalled to H.Q. on the 1st of September 2019.  R.I.P.


Terry Reddin 52A writes…..

I was posted to the Arborfield Army Apprentices College in spring 1973 as AQMS, I was part of the teaching staff for ‘Aircraft Wing’. My subjects were Basic Aircraft Instruments, Navigational Instruments and General Aircraft Electrics.

As I lived in the Sgts’. Mess, and I had personal interest in both subjects, I was seconded to run both the Apprentices Photographic Club and Angling Club, These were among the many extra-curricular activities available to the lads.

As I was handy, I was also requested to cover some of the other activities by doing some PR Photographs, and any Photographic work that was of use to the College.

I and some of the other College Staff completely rebuilt and refurbished the Photographic Club, which became a “You must see our Camera Club”, for any number of visiting VIPs. This mainly took place in 1973-75 and prospered well after I left the College in early ’76.

The Angling Club, was my brain child. It was sanctioned in ’74 and became quite an activity, with some twenty or so active members from both staff and apprentices, as it cost the College or the Military nothing in financial terms, we were given free reign as to when and where we went fishing. Of course records had to be kept, so that the PR value could be used and one of the record mediums was some pictures, most of which were left behind in ‘76

Another member of our Intake 52A, ASM John Todd, was also serving at the AACA as a Military Instructor.



Christmas 1975

College Staff






















Passing Out Parades



















Technical Training











Thanks to Philip Hazlehurst (73C), Paul Starr (74C), Rob Fairweather (69C), Larry Jarvis (56B), Gary Bowers (75C), Geoffrey Jones (72C), Bob Turner (75C), Steve Montgomery (74C), Neil Graham (72A), Richard Powlesland (74C), Mark Jefferys (73C), Bob Askey (72C), Tom Owen (72C), Stephen Beviere (72C), Alan Walker (75C), Bob Daniels and Frank Westwood for contributing details to add to the photos.  Much more information is needed to turn them into records of life at the college.  Your help will be much appreciated.



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