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1973 - 1975


Contributed by: Terry REDDIN (52A)


Edited by Trevor STUBBERFIELD(52A)


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College Staff.


TR AAC-35mm-2-1 (3)


TR AAC-35mm-2-1 (12)


TR AAC-35mm-2-1 (13)


TR AAC-35mm-2-1 (14)


TR AAC-35mm-2-1 (15)


TR 73-75-AACA-1 (5)

WO2 Dave Dodger Green.


TR 73-75-AACA-1 (104)


TR John Todd-1 1974

ASM John Todd, Arborfield AAS, 52A.


TR 73-75-AACA-1 (4)



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TR Sgts Mess AACA 74-5


TR 73-75-AAC-2 (25) Gp

B Company Permanent Staff.

Standing, L>R: 1.Sgt. H Wright, RCT, 2.Cpl Burns, Clerk, 3.Cpl of Horse Shergold.

Seated, L>R: 3. OC Major Thomas, RRF, 4. CSM Hank Mansell, Grenadier Guards, 5.Sgt Mick Gent.


TR 73-75-AAC-2

WO2 Dave Dodger Green.



First Published: 15th September 2010.

Latest Update: 15th September 2012.