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36th Heavy Air Defence Regiment††† R.A.

Web site for the 36th Heavy Air Defence Regiment and other RA Units


All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment - Tonfanau

Web site for the Junior Leaders Regiment


Arborfield Village Web Site

News of Arborfield Village and surrounding district


Army Air Corps

MOD Web site for the Army Air Corps.


Army Apprentices College - Chepstow

Web site for Chepstow cum Beachley Apprentices College


Army Apprentice Soldiers

Web site meeting place for all Army Apprentices of all schools.


Army Aviation

Web site for those who served within the Army Aviation environment


Australian Army Apprentices Association

Web site of the Australian Army Apprentices Association


B.A.O.R. Locations

Phil Grahamís web site recording anything and everything to do with BAOR


Canadian Boy Soldiers

Historical discussion on the enlistment of Canadian boy soldiers by Art Cockerill


Gallery No 39 - Troopships

Information on all the troopships used in service


Hadrianís Old Boys Association

Web site for all Hadrianís Old Boys


Kluang Revisited

For personnel of 75 Aircraft W/S REME, 11 Flight AAC and Support Units


L.A.D. Queens Royal Irish Hussars 1960-1969

Web site for REME personnel attached to the QRIH


Men Of The World

A Crown film of life in the British Army during the 1950s.Viewed on


MoD Photo Albums

Modern photos of the three services


Museum of Australian Army Flying.

Website of the Museum of Australian Army flying based at Oakey in Queensland


R.E.M.E. E-Media Facebook web site.

R.E.M.E. on the internet.Much to see without signing up for Facebook.


R.E.M.E. Museum of Technology

Website of the R.E.M.E. Museum located at Arborfield.


R.E.M.E. Past & Present

Website for all those who served with R.E.M.E.†††


R.E.M.E. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Collection of Military Vehicle photos posted by Ray Tarrant (65B)


Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

Entry point for all the RAEME state associations in Australia


Soldier Magazine

Home of the official magazine of the British Army


The Armourers Association

Web site of interest to all the Armourer Apprentices who passed through Arborfield.


The Army Children Archive (TACA)

Details and memories of how service family life affected the children.

The Royal British Legion

Central point for information affecting service and ex-service personnel


The Association of Harrogate Apprentices

Web site for all Harrogate Apprentices


Veterans Agency

All matters relating to retired service personnel

Personal Websites


Vera Harper (Toowoomba, Qld) - ANZAC Day 2004-2006


A.W. Cockerill (43B) History of The R.M.A. & Duke of Yorkís Military School

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