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Derek Breeze 53B.

The following medals were presented to me for High Jump skills, long since forgotten. They are dated 1954/55 and 1956 respectively. Memory tells me that they were competed for at the Aldershot and Chepstow quadrangular meetings though Lord only knows which is which. The inscription Relays is on all three medallions and in fact all three contain a high jumper on one side and the AAS badge on the other. I thought this could best be illustrated by reversing one of them. I believe the term Relays in this instance was the categorization of certain field events in the overall scope of events competed for





Ray Tarrant 65B.

The following medals were awarded for boxing whilst in 2 and 3 divisions, D Company, 1965 & 1966.


Ray Tarrant 65B 1w



Dick Wright 49B.


The ‘Victor Ludorum’ Shield for Athletics Awarded to The Team Captain





First Published: 15th July 2009.

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