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“Max (WARWICK) was the first visitor to our newly refurbished Bothy. We had a grand time together, the ladies chewed the fat and on the first day Max and I spent a few happy hours in the LEEDS Armouries - other people's weapons on display. There was much to see and in the World War 2 section much that was familiar. The following day we visited a grand country house, Castle Howard, and on the way home we dropped into to Eden Camp, a well preserved World War 2 Army Camp. We felt immediately at home, and as old soldiers will we made a beeline for the NAAFI. The tea remains laced with bromide to maintain the authentic touch.”

[Gordon BONNER]





Max WARWICK (left) and Gordon BONNER (right) outside the NAAFI - “I wish they would open up!”




(above & below) “This is a view of the rear of the castle which shows some of the formal garden, the fountain being, of course, the center-piece of the garden.” [Gordon BONNER]





Reference source: “Treasures of Britain” - 1973


Castle Howard


An obelisk in the grounds is inscribed ‘Charles the III. Earl of Carlisle, of the family of the Howards erected a castle where the old castle of Henderskelfe stood, and called it Castle-Howard’. The mansion, which was commissioned by the young Earl of Carlisle, is by Sir John Vanbrugh, who was aided by Nicholas Hawksmoor, an assistant to Sir Christopher Wren. The house was begun in 1700. The south façade comprises a central block, surmounted by a dome, between two wings. Corinthian fluted pilasters accentuate the height of the central block. The mansion contains a notable long gallery, chapel, hall, and much fine furniture, pictures and statuary; the paintings include works by Reynolds, Gainsborough and Holbein. The stables, built in 1781 by John Carr, house an exhibition of 17th– to 20th – century costumes in period settings. The grounds include a circular mausoleum designed by Hawksmoor, a Temple of the Four Winds designed by Vanbrugh, and a massive gatehouse, crowned with a pyramid.