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Contributed by Pat HAYNES (49B)


Yes, I have had another visitor from overseas - not far away - George Burnett and wife Liz were in Perth for a couple of days over the weekend. We met in Fremantle, had a fish and chips lunch, a look around town and they then went back to their hotel. We each had differing plans for the weekend so arranged to meet again on Monday (12th May). I drove into Perth, picked them up at their hotel and we had a quick drive around some of the spots of interest in Perth before taking them home to Warnbro, calling in at points of interest along the way. I had planned to take them to have a tour of Mandurah, but unfortunately they had to return to get some souvenirs to take back to New Zealand. They only had an hour or two because their flight home today (Tuesday 13th May) via Melbourne left here quite early. I believe they enjoyed their brief visit as they said they had wanted to come back again, finances permitting. Although it has been 51 years since we last met, it seems like it was only yesterday we left Arborfield behind. Such is the power of shared good and bad times of our time at AAS. Like Gordon (Bonner), George and brother Ken (Burnett) were in our barrack room together in J Block.




Liz, George & Pat


Published: May 2003