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WARNBRO, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Monday 9th to Friday 13th September 2002


Contributed by Pat HAYNES (49B)


(above and below) Gordon BONNER and Pat HAYNES



(standing) Pat and Dale HAYNES

(sitting) Gordon and Muriel BONNER


Pat HAYNES, Gordon and Muriel BONNER


Still pulling the birds then, Gordon?

A message for Gordon and Muriel from Nannup, down south in the uplands of the southwest of W.A.


Just starting a delicious meal

(left) Muriel and Gordon BONNER, (right) Pat and Dale HAYNES


Gordon and Muriel’s seafood platter – fish ‘n chips Ozzie style


Perth airport departure lounge - the final farewell

Pat HAYNES and Gordon BONNER


Muriel and Gordon BONNER



News From The West


Adaptation of an email from Pat HAYNES


Muriel and Gordon arrived at Perth airport on 9th September at the end of a trans-continental flight aboard an aircraft of the Virgin Blue fleet. Richard Branson’s airline, famous for cheap fares, plenty of no in-flight meals, and outside toilets, prompted Dale to prepare a picnic lunch to be consumed without delay after leaving the airport precincts. By that time it was doubtful whether Gordon could have survived the hour’s drive to Warnboro, and as Pat remarked: “…he would have eaten the legs off a chair if we had waited much longer.” According to a reliable source the picnic was consumed on the banks of the Swan River; Gordon in particular loved the curried egg sandwiches to which he developed an insatiable addiction, and a capacity to produce large volumes of methane.


Pat and Dale introduced their guests to the very laid-back Australian lifestyle, and treated them to a drive down to the southwest of the State where they enjoyed the local flora and fauna, especially the W.A. floral emblem – the kangaroo paw. Emus, kangaroos, and kookaburras were on show in abundance, and they were most impressed with the native bird life – it was the first time they had seen them in their natural habitat.


It would appear that although Gordon quaffs the occasional pint his preferred medication is a good red wine; he enjoyed a W.A. Merlot the other evening at dinner, a feast comprising a seafood platter – the Australian equivalent of the traditional British fish ‘n chips – that included among other marine delicacies barramundi, a succulent and delicious Australian fish.


The global travellers were accommodated in a B & B that proved much to their liking, and discovered that the parents of the lady who runs the establishment are Yorkshire folk, a happy coincidence as Muriel and Gordon also live in the County. They plan to visit them some time in the future.


Pat and Dale drove the intrepid travellers to the airport at noon on 13th September and saw them safely off, complete with haversack rations - curried egg sandwiches - to sustain them on the flight. Gordon rang that evening to confirm their safe return to Sydney, and their enjoyment of the sandwiches en-route.


(Note: Gordon has successfully ‘passed’ all entry requirements and is now an Honorary Far East Old Fart – George MILLIE).



Contributed by Gordon BONNER (49B)




The War Memorial on the banks of the Swan River




Pat HAYNES and Gordon BONNER



Dale and Pat HAYNES


Gordon and Muriel BONNER

Dale and Pat HAYNES, Muriel BONNER


There’s always “The Big [something]” in Australia

I’m sure you can attribute a suitable title to this one!


Published: September 2002