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April to May 2012.


Photos contributed by: Bill GIBSON & Joe PLANT (Both 52A)


Joe Plant (52A) of Morphett Vale and Bill Gibson (52A) of Perth, Scotland.


Chez Joe and Marg.



Joe’s wife Marg, Bill Gibson and friend.


Something warm and cuddly.


The Koala that is.


Local wildlife.


Bill Gibson 52A


What it says on the stern.


That’s more like it.



An awful lot of alcoholic beverages seem to feature in these photos.


Expensive beverages at that.


Take the empties back to the ‘offy’.


No comment.


Certainly no comment.


Take lots of water with it.


Looks like Scotsmen come to a sticky end here.


And so in the beginning there were………..



Published: 15th June 2012.