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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - Saturday 21st July 2001


Our gratitude is extended to Maison de PECK for their very warm and generous hospitality. Although “soldiers three” came from intakes separated by several years the occasion was imbued with an atmosphere more befitting that of a gathering of old and very close friends. My wife Marion and I could not have wished for a more rewarding and enjoyable experience than being in the company of such fine upstanding gentlemen and their ladies – Gerry ‘Greg’ PECK and his wife Margaret, and Roy ‘Dusty’ ASHMAN and his wife Kay. The years rolled back as the reminiscences and anecdotes, banter and mirth flowed freely like vintage wine.



Reunion Parade 2001 - Yetaboon Barracks, Kingston


Inspecting Officer – Général Débilité, French hero of WWII

On Parade - Roy ASHMAN (Oct 42), Gerry PECK (53B), & George MILLIE (49B)


Published: July 2001