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Editorial and Photographs contributed by Greg PECK 53B



Another guest for FEOFA here in Oz.

I am pleased to announce that Jim Culley (44A) from New Zealand has made contact and been wined, dined and shown around amongst our little band of warriors. He is physically well and seems to be coping with his very recent bereavement as well as can be expected. Despite his seniority, we managed to 'ace' him with Roy Ashman (42B), who enlisted in 1942, to Jim's 1944. Not bad that, as that meant he only had to bow and grovel just the once.

Jim had just the two full days with us but despite that we got around to see everyone except the Harper's, who were away in Sydney. Hopefully we can sort that out when Jim returns in August of this year, assuming he is willing to risk my driving again. Jim is presently back with his daughters up on the Sunshine Coast, which has seen more rain this year than I can recall since moving here from South Australia in 1993. I expect that will make him feel quite at home, eh?

You will notice from the pictures that we are making great inroads with our 'Haka' drills, still haven't got the timing quite right though, so Jim McGuire (52A) has ordered some extra drills for us.

Greg Peck (53B)




Jim Culley (44A) with Greg Peck (53B)


George Millie (49B), Jim and Greg.


Jim sitting between Greg and Maggie Peck


Roy Ashman (42C), Jim McGuire (52A), Greg and Jim.


Jim, Mascot Friend and Greg.


Jim, Fishy Friend and Greg.



Published: 1st April 2009