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Army Remount Service.

Army Service Corps.

Army Veterinary Corps







Contributed by: anonymous deceased estate

Bigg’s Farm” – site of the Army Remount Depot & from 1939 The Army Technical School (Boys)

The R.S.M.’s House 1930

Arborfield Army Remount Depot

and (below) another view

Army Remount Depot Stables.

To read an article on life at the Remount Depot, CLICK on the PHOTO above to visit the Arborfield Village History web site. Many more articles on the subject are available on the web site.

Army Remount Depot Stables (2018).  Copyright © bbc.com/news.

To view a BBC Video clip on the refurbishment of the stables, CLICK on the PHOTO above.

A tribute to the many thousands of horses who passed through the remount depots.

To view a BBC Video clip of the ceremony, please CLICK  HERE. (External web site).

Below, some of the Army Remount Depot inmates

”Not familiar with “Puff Billiards” or “Billard Nicolas”?

To read a ‘Wiki’ explanation   (External web site).

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Editor’s Note:

15th September 2016. 

The ‘Remount Depot’ was the start of the ‘Arborfield Garrison’ and went on to see the construction of the Arborfield Army Technical School which opened in 1939.  The stables, or sick bay, for the horses is the only remaining building from those very early days.  Steve Bacon runs the Arborfield Village History site and very kindly reviewed our site and made some photos available to us (see Army Remount Depot Stables photo above).  He has since produced an article ‘Stampede on Barkham Road’ which can be accessed by clicking on the title which leads to an external site.  It contains a lot more detail and is published in the ‘Wokingham Remembers’ site.

A backup copy of the ‘Stampede on Barkham Road’ article is available on site in a pdf. format and can be accessed by using the link below. Please allow time for the download to complete.

Latest Update: 1st July 2021.





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