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Phaleron Cemetery, Athens, Greece.


Contributed by: Eric WEARMOUTH (52B)


This group of photos were taken by the son of Eric Wearmouth 52B on a visit to the cemetery.  Eric thought they would be of interest to our readers and, who knows, may bring in visitors who are interested in both  R.E.M.E. and Arborfield.  ‘The Editor’.



Commemorated in perpetuity by
the Commonwealth War Graves Commission



Grave: 17.D.8.

In Memory of


Alfred Tighe

M M, Mentioned in Despatches


7615706, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who died on 10 October 1944 Age 25


Son of James and Martha Tighe, of Pendlebury, Lancashire.


Remembered with Honour



Grave: 17.D.9.

In Memory of


Tony Patrick Hammond


7594908, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who died on 27 December 1944 Age 21


Son of James Henry and Eleanor Mary Hammond, of Poona, India.


Remembered with Honour




Grave: 20.E.2.

In Memory of


Eugen Reisman


13803720, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who died on 15 August 1945 Age 30


Remembered with Honour




Grave: 21.B.10.

In Memory of

Warrant Officer Class I Condr.

Leslie John Bone

Mentioned in Despatches


1718495, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who died on 01 December 1944 Age 33


Son of Cyril and Lilian Teresa Bone; husband of Emily Alice Bone, of Highcliffe-on-Sea, Hampshire.


Remembered with Honour



Editor’s Note.

The appointment of Conductor was carried over when certain trades and personnel were transferred from the R.A.O.C. to R.E.M.E. on the formation of the Corps in 1942.  It was one of a small group of senior positions held in the British Army, possibly the oldest.  The equivalent R.E.M.E. rank was that of WO1 or ASM and so it was gradually faded away from R.E.M.E. with the passing of those who held the title.


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More photos contributed to the site by Eric Wearmouth (52B) are available in his Photo Album.




First Published: 15th April 2013.

Latest Update: 16th September 2013.