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The Last Parade?  Again? Again?


Contributed by: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)




On Saturday 15th of September 2007, there took place what was expected to be the last occasion when the R.E.M.E. Garrison could exercise its privilege to march through the centre of Wokingham Town as Honorary Townsfolk. 


Five years had passed and on the 3rd of June 2012 the Corps exercised their privilege once again and marched though Wokingham town.  This was part of the town’s celebration for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen.  At the same time it was a chance to celebrate the 70 years since the formation of R.E.M.E. in 1942. 


On Sunday 14th of June 2015 the Corps marched once again through Wokingham town, for the third ‘last time’.  With the local Arborfield Garrison soon to close, and the troops decamping to Lyneham in Wiltshire, it may be that this truly will be the ‘Last Parade’.  But then again…….?


Honorary Townsfolk of Wokingham,


Copyright © Get Reading.


Copyright © Get Reading.

The two photos above are just a taster of the many contained in the article on the 2015 march by R.E.M.E. through Wokingham.  The full gallery is available from the ‘Get Reading’ link below.



To view a report on the parade, which includes a gallery of photos, on the web site of the local newspaper ‘Get Reading’ 


To view a report on the parade, which includes a number of  photos, on the web site of a local newspaper

‘Bracknell News’


To view a report on the parade, which includes photos and a video on the web site of a local newspaper

‘The Wokingham Paper’



Copyright © BBC South.


Copyright © BBC South.

The two photos above are extracted from a video of the army on the move from Bordon to Lyneham, Wiltshire.  It also contains a brief scene of R.E.M.E. on the march through Wokingham.

To view the video Click on the Photo Below.  Unfortunately it may be restricted to U.K. viewers only.


Copyright © BBC South




Published: 1st July 2015.