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Army Apprentices School Recruiting Booklet


Contributed by Dick WRIGHT (49B)


“While at Dick Wright’s I was able to go through some of his AAS treasures. In the box was the AAS Recruiting booklet of our time with a Foreword by the CIGS ‘Monty’ (just before our time I believe!). The Foreword has several paragraphs, which are very relevant to our passage through life. Attached is a photo of cover, Monty’s quote and a picture of him presenting a Certificate of Apprenticeship after taking the salute at a Passing Out Parade at Arborfield in the late 1940s.

It is interesting to note the colours of the book cover – blue and yellow were the School colours, as I remember as a bugler we were presented with bugle cords and lanyards in these colours. The ‘School Colours for sport’ landyards were also in these colours but the AOBA web site does not reflect them! Somewhere in the intervening years they were lost.”


Max WARWICK (49B) 06 August 2002