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Trevor STUBBERFIELD's Photo Album 1


Intake 52A


Spring 1952 – HQ Company


John Todd, Trevor Stubberfield, Colin Lenihan


George Peacock & Stan Thornton




1952 - Barrack Room F6, HQ Company & Some of its Residents


Ready for inspection


Frank Bass, n/k, Bill Gibson, Dave Pickworth


Summer 1952 - Tha Win Tommy and Trevor Stubberfield (52A)

Tommy was in the first group of Burmese apprentices to join Arborfield for training.

The traditional Burmese attire is a Longyi.


Some Residents of Barrack Room D2, HQ Company


Brian Stacey, Myint Shwe, Tha Wyn, Alan Gordon, Ohn Thwin,

Bob Condon, G.A.G. Blythman (posing as a an App/Sgt)

(The three Burmese boys are of the first group to enter AAS Arborfield)



Intake 52A, plus NCO


(standing, left to right)  Ellcock, Lewis, Young, Gibson, Connor, Makepeace, Alton, Maguire.

(kneeling) App/Cpl Piper, Williams, Williams.


(standing, left to right) Hilton, Goodwin, Reed, Robinson

(kneeling) Pugh

(sitting) Webb, Plant

(reclining) Bass, Pywell, Thrower



Intake 52A – ‘B’ Company


(rear) Ian Akers, Ralph Lord, Norman Brown

(centre) Dave Johnson, Taff  Johnson, Eddie Cooper, John French, Bob Condon

(front) Ken Benny Byford, G. Blythman, P. Baddeley


                                                   Mick Pobjoy,          ? ?,      ? ?,      ? ?,      ? ?,

                                Dave Godbald,      Dave Pickworth,                                                            ? ?,

                                                ? ?,                            Mick Eden,                ? ?,                    Ray Starbuck.

Lads from H.Q. Coy. Room F5.  Can you identify the ? ?s please?


John Bodle.



The Pipe Band, Sports Day




‘The Arborfield Apprentice’ – December 1952 Volume 2 Number 4



‘Grim Determination’

The AAS Radio Club operators ‘all out’ to raise other Clubs in the “Short Wave Magazine” Top Band Contest

Final Score 635 points.


George Peacock, Taff Powell, Stan Thornton



1954 – Queen’s Birthday Parade


HQ Company, No 3 Wing Marching Past in Revue Order


(saluting) Dennis Chapman 52A

(front rank, left to right) Trevor Stubberfield 52A (right marker), Derek Pullen 52B, George Fleck 51B


Trevor Stubberfield 52A (5 Div with HQ Coy) and Mother at the Queen’s Birthday Parade 1954




1955 – Division 6, Vehicle Mechanics’ Workshop


Ray Starbuck & George Peacock


Trevor Stubberfield, Pete Williams, Tug Wilson, Dick King, Geordie Rogers,

Len Heaps, Mike Loveridge, Williams 042, Brian Rose


Trevor Stubberfield


App/Sgt Trevor Stubberfield and App/CSM (HQ Coy) Dennis Chapman (52A)

Sitting on the motorcycle outside the Queen’s Head pub – our HQ – in Wokingham.


Ray Dukie  Mannall

Sadly Ray died shortly after we found him again, from the effects of  radiation

experienced during the Christmas Island Atom Bomb Tests.


Norman Pywell and Alan Gordon.

Sadly Norman died on the 6th of August 2004 after a long illness.

A tribute to him is paid on the website "In Memoriam" pages








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