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Terry REDDIN's Photo Album


AAS Arborfield Intake 52A


Benghazi 1956


B 01 w o

My first overseas posting.


B 02 w o

I really was that colour. Free time on the beach, Benghazi 1957


B 03 w o

Bob Bowden 49B, Tels wagon, 12 Arm’d W/S, Benghazi 1956.


B 04 w o

Back end of the world. Benghazi, Cyrenaica, North Africa, 1956-57.


B 06 w o

Out in the Gebel 1956 on rolling exercise, had to hitch a lift.


B 07 w o

Eddie Orr-Monroe (Arborfield 1950s)


B 08 w o

Ready for the off on desert rolling exercise, 12 Arm’d W/S Benghazi 1956.


B 09 w o

P.T. School, Benghazi 1956


B 11 w o

Another shower today, more tomorrow. 12 Arm’d W/S Benghazi 1957


B 12 w o

Low speed taxi, Benghazi 1957


B 13 w o

Tochra Pass, 2,500ft climb from the desert floor. On the road from Benghazi to Barce then Tobruk. 1957



B 05 w o

B 10 w o

Catholic Church, Benghazi 1957

3 months at P.T. School, Cyprus, from Benghazi1956




First Published: 15th April 2009.

Latest Update: 1st June 2018.




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