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Stanley John PIGGOTT’S Photo Album.

Arborfield Army Technical School (Boys)


October 1939 Intake.




October 1939 Intake, ‘E’ Company. Taken at Christmas 1939.

E Coy 01 wo

Rear rank: No.7 Docherty, No.11 Newcomb.

4th. Rank: No.8 Gilbert Brunsdon

3rd. Rank: No.3 Lawrence, No.10 Nock. 

2nd. Rank: No.4 Wilson, No.10 Stanley Piggott.

Front Rank: No.9 Perrin.



‘E’ Company, 1940.

Parade 1 01 wo

Front rank, extreme far right, Stanley Piggott.



Arborfield A.T.S. (Boys) Open Day, 1942.

Open Day 42 01 wo

Display of the ‘Changing of the guard’, on the grass sports pitch alongside the gymnasium.



Arborfield A.T.S. (Boys) 1941/42.

Parade 3 01 wo



Arborfield A.T.S. (Boys) 1942.

Parade 2 01 wo

Thought to be on the occasion of the visit to the school by General Bernard Montgomery.


Parade 2 01a wo

A section of the previous photo shows Stanley Piggott as the tallest drummer.



With this collection of photos, Stanley’s daughter Jane included some memories related by him to her, and they are displayed below.


Stanley Remembers.


My father has fond memories of his time at Arborfield, some of which he would like to share with you.

He joined in the October 1939 intake at 14 and half years of age. He always points out that he thinks he was one of the youngest people in the army at the start of WW2 and therefore will still be the youngest alive today! (He will be 90 this March).

He has many memories but one particular one is his favourite. He recalls RSM Cook who was quite stern and demanded the upmost respect. One particular day, near the cook house there was a donkey/ horse attached to the swill cart. On leaving the parade ground RSM Cook saw the swill cart with a somewhat dejected looking donkey. He stopped and looked at the donkey and shouted 'shun, shun' (short for ATTENTIION) two or three times! Obviously the donkey paid no attention and just stood there, so he slapped it with his stick and walked off! This was typical of RSM Cook. Everyone was scared stiff of him as his demeanour was so ferocious to a 14 year old boy.

Another anecdote is when we went 'digging for victory', which was growing your own crops, RSM Cook would make us dig a trench for the potatoes, he would inspect the trenches to ensure all were perfectly straight and then the potatoes would be planted exactly the same distance apart so they all grew liked uniformed soldiers!




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