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Kelvin Bob ROBERTS’ Photo Album.


Sadly, Kelvin was recalled to H.Q. on the 11th of January 2021. R.I.P.


Source: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


AAS Arborfield, Intake 52A.


1952 - HQ Company Champion Drill Squad, Intake 52A



Front Rank: 4th from Left, Kelvin Roberts.

Front Rank: Centre with shield: Sgt Ginger Roberts, East Lancs Regiment, Drill Instructor.


Junior Leaders Drill Competition





AAS Football Team



(Seated, left) – Bob ROBERTS



AAS Athletics Team






(Standing, left to right) – Ian AKERS, Pete WESTON, Terry GRIGG, Apprentice Sergeant Nick WEBBER (50B), Bob ROBERTS, Terry REDDIN, Eddie COOPER

(Crouching, left to right) – Taff POWELL, Ted HORN

(Sitting, left to right) - John GROUNSELL, Dave GODBOLD, MAGUIRE



2nd February 1955 – Intake 52A Passing-Out Parade



(Above and below) – Apprentice CSM Bob ROBERTS, saluting





Bob ROBERTS receiving the Regimental Efficiency Prize






1959 - Aircraft Carrier HMS ‘Albion



Departing Portsmouth bound for the eastern Mediterranean. Bob ROBERTS is lining the flight deck with the other troops








Dekhelia, Cyprus






(Crouching, left to right)) – Dave Snoz JOHNSON and Bob ROBERTS



(Second left) – Dave Snoz JOHNSON, and (right) Bob ROBERTS

Career History



  • 1956: posted to 7 Infantry Workshops REME, Gillingham, Kent during the build-up to the Suez Crisis.
  • Following that I ended up in Cyprus, where we had to check all the equipment that came back from Port Said. We had Christmas day off that year. Apparently the193rd covered the withdrawal from Suez.
  • mid-1957: returned to the UK via Famagusta (Cyprus) and Southampton to Gillingham.
  • 29 June 1957: married Jan.
  • 1959: went to the Mediterranean aboard the aircraft carrier HMS ‘Albion’ – there were some potential problems in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • Ended up in Cyprus again.
  • On return to the UK moved from Gillingham to Goojerat Barracks, Colchester. During this time the Unit was redesignated 8 Infantry Workshops REME.
  • 1960-1961: Embarked to Kenya to support a potential Kuwait/Gulf crisis.
  • 14 March1966: birth of son Andre. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her Britannic Majesty most profusely for the experience of East Africa and Safaris.
  • Final "Parade" was a big exercise in Cyprus - Famagusta and Panhandle (despite all the troubles).
  • Returning to UK and due soon for discharge, I was faced with a type of bribe - a 3-years accompanied posting to Hong Kong, for which I had to sign on for 22 years and attend No 2 Artificer Course. My "investigation" said Penang - NO THANK YOU. Goodbye Sergeants’ Mess.



  • I joined the Austin Motor Company at Longbridge as a Computer Engineer.
  • Rose to the position of Site Technical Training Manager.
  • After 30 years service, by that time considered ‘too old’, I was made redundant.



I have in my possession –

  • three copies of the "Craftsman" magazine (issues August 1960, October 1960 and December 1961)
  • two copies of the “Arborfied Apprentice” magazine (issues December 1951 and December 1952)
  • three original large Company photographs, one of ‘HQ’ Company, and two of ‘C’ Company (one of which is Champion Company).






Bob ROBERTS - 2003


Bob, granddaughter, and Jan






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