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Eddie HIND's Photo Album


AAS Arborfield Intake 52A


A selection of Eddie' photos, some of which were taken in Cyprus circa 1957/58.


Photos reworked by Terry REDDIN 52A



Swatton Morton Hind web

                                Mick Swatton 52A             Alan Algy Morton 51B          Eddie Hind 52A

Till Hind web

                                          Brian Chalky Till 51B                       Eddie Hind 52A

Eddie The Hat 1 web

                                                               n/k                                   Eddie Hind 52A

Bob Barwick web

Bob Barwick 51B


                                  Eddie Hind 52A             Keith Goodwin 52A     Mick Swatton 52A

Blythman Pickworth web

                Tony Blythman 52A                  David Pickworth 52A         

Barrack Rm 1 web

"Room ready for inspection SAH !!!!"

Fleck Johnson web

                                     George Fleck 51B              Dave Snoz Johnson 52A


Published: 15th May 2007





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