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David PICKWORTH's Photo Album


AAS Arborfield Intake 52A


B 4 w

Arborfield Army Apprentices School Pipe Band 1950

Rear Rank.  1.n/k, 2.Ian Pickworth 50A. 3.Stewart, 4.n/k,  5.A/PM Hosty, 6.Callan, 7.n/k.

Front Rank. 1.n/k, 2.Sharp, 3.n/k, 4.PM Batt, 5.Ozzie Osborne 49B, 6.White.


B 5 w

Arborfield Army Apprentices School Pipe Band 1954

Rear Rank. 1.Reed, 2.Myo Tint, 3.Telford, 4.Than Shwe, 5.Rennie, 6.Davies, 7.Elsey.

Centre Rank.  1.Thrower, 2.Glover,  3.Wilson, 4.King, 5.Headley, 6.Johnson, 7.Cousins.

Front Rank.  1.Martin, 2.Povey, 3.A/PM Pickworth, 4.PM Batt, 5.Capt MacHorton, 6.Colonel Magee,

                      7.RSM MacNally, 8.S/Sgt McCutcheon, 9.A/DM Grounsell, 10.Yule.


A 1 w

A/DM John Grounsell 52A leading the pipe band, followed by the military band, from the parade ground. Leading the centre file is A/PM David Pickworth, with the left file led by PM Batt, Irish Guards.


A 4 w

A/PM David Pickworth, PM Batt, S/Sgt Hugh McCutcheon RAEC.


A 3 w

B 1 w

David Pickworth and Taff Johnson 52A

Phil Simmons (Deceased), Ian Pickworth 50A, 

D Matyer 49B



A 2 w

B 2 w

A/PM David Pickworth 52A

Ian Pickworth 50A



B 3 w

Ian Pickworth 50A practising at the rear of the band room.



A 5 w

D 2 w

David with Mike Reed and Don Loader, all 52A

Burmese Apprentice Tha Tommy  Win and David.



D 3 w

David with Thein San 52B

D 1 w


Burmese Apprentice Thein San 52B



E 1 w

Laurie Pickworth 48B with David having taken every cup between them at the Army Rough Riding Championships 1961.


C 1 w

Ian rebuilding a motor cycle in Germany.


C 2 w

David rebuilding a motor cycle in Malta. Where would you rather do it?


Dave Pickworth BW wo

Malta and David is presented with the L S & G C Medal by General Sir Cecil Blacker GCB OBE MC.


E 2 w


E 3 w

The Arborfield Army Apprentices School Christmas Card.


Paras 2 w

The Paras at Southsea with David in the centre.



Pickworth 2 web

Today David is the Pipe Major of the St. Andrew’s Pipe Band which is based at The Priory Church Of St. Andrew The Apostle in Hamble – le – Rice in Hampshire.


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First Published: 1st April 2007.

Latest Update: 1st December 2012.









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