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Dennis OSBORNE's Photo Album



Intake 48A Telecommunication Mechanics outside the Lecture Rooms


(left to right)

(back row) Lofty LAMBERT, Charlie FINK, Civilian Instructor, Dennis ROUGHTLEDGE, Frank MADDICK

(front row) Bill Ticker TAYLOR, n/k, Ginger HALL, Ron BATTY


(left to right)

Dennis OSBORNE, Derek CURTIS, Nobby CLARKE, Ken PARISH, Pee-Wee PAUL, Civilian Instructor [in white shirt],

Danny CLARKE, Ernie YEALS [behind Danny CLARKE], Dick BATTY


(left to right)

(standing) Ernie YEALS, Ken PARISH, Lofty LAMBERT, Dennis OSBORNE

(kneeling) Charlie FINK, Derek CURTIS, n/k

(sitting) Dick BATTY, Pee-Wee PAUL, Ron BATTY


(left to right) 'Knobby' CLARKE, 'Ticker' TAYLOR [sitting], Danny CLARKE, n/k


Pee-Wee PAUL - Intake 48A [Tele-Mech]



5 Anti Aircraft Group Workshops REME, Newark

2nd June 1953 - The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II




3rd Infantry Workshops REME, Suez Canal, Egypt

Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess




Christmas 1954