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Clive WAGSTAFF's Photo Album


AAS Arborfield Intake 65C


Clive in Suez where his father was serving with the Royal Engineers



‘A’ Squad, Junior Company, Intake 1965C, 14th September to 17th December, 1965


Photograph: Reader & Ward, Aldershot

(rear rank) A/Ts Wagstaff, Bornstein, Lane, Ross, Graham, Glusing, Harris-Deans, Barnett, Summerscales, Lucas


(centre rank) A/Ts Stephens, Pogmore, Harris, Spires, Porter, Fond, Jamieson, Carpenter, Nicholls, Granger, Kells


(front rank) A/Ts Lancaster, Hughes, Dane, Jones, L/Cpl Young, Cpl Piper, Sgt Brown W.J., L/Cpl Duffill, Humphreys, Davies, Tomsett, Connor



“Our intake was quite large and the new block at the top of the square couldn’t accommodate us all, therefore ‘A’ Company was in another block with eight apprentices in each room. This photograph (below) is of the eight of us in my room.” (Clive Wagstaff)


(standing, left to right) Clive Wagstaff, Porter, Jim Summerscales, Stephans, Pogmore

(sitting, left to right) Tomsett, Ian Ross, Ted Spites


(Note: Jim Summerscales became the A/T RSM)



Aircraft A&C Trade Training


Clive Wagstaff (outside) and Joe Harris (inside)


(Note: Joe Harris became the Pipe Band Drum Major)



Clive in the Pipe Band

Clive in ‘mufti’


Published: 1st December 2006