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A.A.S. Arborfield 1952 - 1955


Contributed by Brian PATON (52A)




Boxing Team

(1)   Mick Eden, (2) Taff Powell, (3) n/k, (4) Gordon Sanders, (5) Brian Paton, (6) n/k, (7) Winkie Webb,

(8) n/k, (9) Solly Joel, (10) n/k, (11) Barry Egleton, (12) Willie  Williams, (13) n/k, (14) n/k, (15) Ken Marlborough,

(16) Stan Thornton, (17) n/k, (18) Mick Robinson, (19) Fred Fearless, (20) n/k.



1954 - Stan Thornton, Taff Powell, Winkie Webb, Brian Paton

Mick Eden


Winkie & I

1955 - App/Cpl Paton and App/Sgt Webb



Unknown           Ohn Thwin           Myint Shwe

Identity and intake of the unknown lad would be welcome.

Photo reworked by Terry Reddin (52A).



Mick Robinson, Tha Win Tommy,  D J Lewis,  Taff Powell.



Mick Eden,  Taff Powell,  Blondie Hilton

Frank Orr, Unknown,  Tha Win Tommy, George Peacock, Alan Gordon.



Ken Benny Byford,  Bill Gibson,  Trevor Sexy Trill

Colin Titch Lenihan, Tha Win Tommy.



                             Mick Eden,        Blondie Hilton,           Ken Marlborough,     George Peacock,

                                          Frank Orr,              Joe Taff Plant,               G Pugh,                   Tha Win Tommy



Blondie Hilton,  George Thrower,  Alan Gordon,  Brian Webb,  G Pugh,  Mike Reed,

Keith Goodwin, Mick Robinson, Norman Pywell, Frank Sam Bass.



34 Base Workshop R.E.M.E., ‘K’ Camp, Donnington, Shropshire – 1955.


As you can see we had all the mod cons in Nissen huts and just one bath until they built a new washhouse some months later.


Donnington 1955

Brian Paton (52A).


K Camp Donnington

Brian Paton in ‘evening dress’ standing next to David Pilcher (52B) who confirms the location as 34 Base W/S.


David Pilcher (52B).



2nd Infantry Workshop R.E.M.E., Taiping, North Malaya.


Part of 28th Commonwealth Brigade



Taiping Camp


In the Jungle


In the jungle



Outside the Basha

Outside the ‘basha’.  Brian in the centre and David Pilcher (52B) far right of the photo.


In the NAAFI

In the N.A.A.F.I.



(rear, left) – Brian Paton (52A), best man at the wedding of Ken Marlborough (52A)


Our Qtr w

Outside Ken’s Married Quarters.


On a visit w

Brian paying a visit to Ken’s place.


Outside Qtrs w

Brian and Ken outside the quarters.


Xmas Dinner

Christmas dinner


Some further photos from my time at 2 Infantry Workshop, Taiping, Malaya, to add to my collection. We had a number of RAEME (Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) lads attached to the unit as you can see - can't remember any names but there was a Watchmaker with us in the Instrument workshop who was quite a character - liked to sample the Pure Meths we used for cleaning the optical items.



Blossom The Ice Cream Man


Bearer w

The Bearer who looked after everything for us, an Indian who had been with the British Army since WW2 – you always knew you were on guard duty when you saw your uniform laid out and ready to wear when returning from work. 


Geordie playing with my pet monkey called “Fingers”. He came straight from the jungle, via Ken Marlborough, had him for 18 months or so. When I returned to the UK, could have made a small fortune with a raffle for him, but left him with one of our watchmakers who had a young son.


The guardroom.


Workshop repair area.


The ‘Bashas’.


The camp water towers.


On Parade


Inspecting Officer General Sir Gerald Templer.








“Recreation Time”


Jungle Pool 2 w 

This pool in the jungle was well used and was situated not far from the rear of the camp,


Jungle Pool 3 w



Editor’s Note:

Brian sailed on the H.M.T. Nevasa to Malaya and supplied news of the vessel.  To read 



1960 on Salisbury Plain.


The photo below was taken in 1960 on Salisbury Plain whilst I was with 3 Infantry W/S, Tidworth.  I have no name for my companion on the right but he was the driver of the Mobile Instrument W/S.


1960 3 Inf WS wo

“Ancient and Modern”


As I am attending this year’s reunion in July (2005) for the first time, I thought it might be a good idea to give those of you who are also attending an idea of the comparison from 1955 to today in my appearance.




Golden Wedding Anniversary

Two photos encompass 50 years of my life with Helen.


Wedding 9-1 w

18th July 1959


50th-2 002 w

18th July 2009




First Published: 21st August 2005.

Latest Update: 1st July 2017.









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