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William ‘Bill’ GIBSON’S Photo Album.

Arborfield Army Apprentice’s School (52A)


Trafalgar Square, London.



Bill Gibson and John Todd returning to Arborfield from leave.



1955, Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Denmark.


The ‘British Exhibition’, mounted by the Federation of British Industries in Copenhagen, Denmark, ran from the 29th September to the 16th October 1955.  It featured a military tattoo which included various displays, one of which is shown below.


R.E.M.E. Jeep Assembly Teams.


The two competing R.E.M.E teams can be seen in white overalls to the right of the parade.  In the section below they line up behind the Royal Signals ‘white helmets’ motor cycle display team.


R.E.M.E. Jeep Assembly Teams.  Team members were selected from 21 Command Workshop, R.E.M.E. based at Burscough and include Bill Gibson (52A).  Geoff Jones (52A) was also included and the Team Leader was S/Sgt. Worboys K. (May 1939 intake).

Each evening the salute was taken by a dignitary and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was one of them.  His presence is confirmed in the contemporary Pathe Newsreels and can be seen from the links below which lead to an external site.  Right Click to return here.


‘Britain On Show’ (skip the first minute). Opening of the exhibition finishing with the Military Tattoo.



‘The Britannia Pub’.  The arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh in the aptly named Royal Yacht Britannia.



‘The Tattoo’ (very dark). R.E.M.E. Jeep Assembly Teams appear at the end in bright white overalls.




1973, Headquarters, United Nations Force In Cyprus.

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Front Row:  1.AQMS Ian Wright REME, 2.RAOC, 3.RAOC, 4.ASM Bill Gibson REME, 5.RE, 6.WO1 Barry Ainge RAOC, 7.Indian Army Major General Dewan Prem Chand, Force Commander of The United Nations Peacekeeping Force In Cyprus (UNFICYP), 8.RCM Bill Hearn Blues & Royals, 10.RAMC, 11.RSM Brian Gaye RCT, 12.R.Signals, 15.RQMS ‘Taffy’ Edwards RAOC.

Third Row: 9.Sgt Alistair Fraser REME (Recy Mech.).



October 2001, Earlston, Berwickshire.


Frank Bass, John Todd, Bill Gibson, Trevor Stubberfield.

We first met in February 1952 in Room F6 at the Arborfield Army Apprentice’s School (Intake 52A) and met again in 2001, 49years on, at John Todd’s house.



12th April 2007, Presentation of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal.


More photos of the presentation to Bill Gibson are available from  HERE.



May 2012, Morphett Vale, South Australia.


2 of 52A, Joe Plant and Bill Gibson.



2012 A.O.B.A. Reunion, N.M.A. Alrewas, Staffordshire, U.K.


52A x 2, Bill Gibson and Trevor Stubberfield.



2012 Perth, Scotland.


2 of 52A, Brian Paton and Bill Gibson together at Bill’s house.



2 Photos added:  1st November 2016.


A ‘Scammell Explorer’ recovery vehicle is the backdrop for Edwin, son of Bill Gibson (52A), on a visit to ‘W. Hesleton Recovery’ based in Wales.

The company is owned and run by ex Arborfield Army Apprentice Bill Hesleton (59A).  Seen below:


Bill Hesleton (59A) pictured in the magazine ‘Tractor’, November 2011’.

The relevant article can be read from HERE (external web site).



Bill Gibson has contributed an article, with more photos, to the site.  Available from HERE.




Published: 1st March 2013.

Latest Update: 15th June 2017.





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