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Alan ‘Al’ JONES’S Photo Album.

Arborfield Army Apprentice’s School (61B)



11.  Al Jones, ‘J’ Coy. ‘B’ Squad, April 1961.  Two piece denims have yet to shrink!!  So has the beret.


11a. Al Jones, May 1961. 


11b. Gerry Kelson and Al Jones, May 1961.  Saturday morning gardening duties.


12.  Al Jones with Derick ‘TichWilkie during a Sunday visit home in uniform, 1961.


13.  Al Jones, ‘B’ Squad, ‘J’ Coy. Passing Out Parade, July 1961.


103.  Remember having one of these, plus the ‘Yellow’ Div. Identification Card?  Remember the board behind the Guardroom table displaying the colours?


104.  Alan Jones on a free Sunday during 9 Div. 1964.   I still have those ‘Dispatch’ Rider boots with the three buckles.




First Published: 1st February 2016.

Latest Update: 10th April 2016.





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