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The compilation of this definitive Nominal Roll was achieved using the AAS Record Cards held in the Archive of the REME Museum. Our gratitude is extended to Max WARWICK [49B] for recording these documents on film for our benefit.


Sample Record Card





* : Complete authorised entries


: In the interests of security your AAS Record Card is only available via e-mail from Webmaster.

Please quote your regimental number as proof of identity.


: Your AAS Record Card is either missing or unavailable from the Archive


: AAS Record Card published posthumously



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Part One


Intake 49B Apprentices who completed their training, Passing Out on 25th July 1952






NOTE: On 15th September 1951 when D Company was mothballed because of a lack of recruit entrants for September 1951 [51B], the following Apprentice Tradesmen were dispersed to other Companies as listed below.


A Company


B Company


C Company




Bartlett J.A.


Bonner G.G.

Cassells J.




Burnett G.H.E.


Chaffer T.J.


Cavalier M.F.




Burnett K.L.




Harvey D.J.




Fisher D.




MacBeath J.A.




Harding D.W.




McCormac G.J.




Hayden J.R.




McGarry G.C.




Haynes P. F.



Morgan C.H.




Jackson P.A.




Nash H.G.




Norris W.H.




Perkins D.F.








Randle D.L.





Company not known








Osborne D.E.






Grand Total





Part Two


Intake 49B Apprentices transferred to intake 50A to complete their training





Part Three


Intake 49A Apprentices transferred to intake 49B to complete their training





Part Four


Intake 49A Apprentices transferred to Intake 49B, & Intake 49B Apprentices,

all of whom were transferred or discharged





Part Five


Apprentices nominated as Intake 49B, but unable to be verified because

their Record Cards are either missing from the archive or unavailable