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Audio interviews related to Arborfield Apprentices and Staff.


Contributed by Trevor STUBBERFIELD 52A.



Editor’s Note.

The links below lead to a series of audio interviews, conducted by the Imperial War Museum, where memories related to life as experienced by Arborfield Apprentices and Staff are recorded for posterity.

The links take you to the I.W.M. web site where each clip has a synopsis of the content in it.

 The Editor.



Ronald Savage. May 1939.

Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Arborfield Apprentice in the R.A.O.C.  Outbreak of war, R.S.M. Ben Cook remembered, wartime service with R.E.M.E. through to civilian life in Kenya, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, G.B.



Eric Spick. May 1939.

Arborfield Apprentice in the R.A.S.C. wartime service with R.E.M.E. ‘D’ Day Normandy invasion, postings before civilian life, worked at Vauxhall Motors before emigrating.



Joyce Dutton

Wokingham girl Joyce Willoughby married John Dutton 43A and they share extensive memories about life in the town and the Arborfield Army Technical School.



Alan Algy Morton. 51B.

From Arborfield, through R.E.M.E., Permanent Staff post at the Princess Marina College, Arborfield, Commission, Civilian life through to retirement.

Photo Album.



Charles Chester. P.S.

Extensive recollections of wartime service with many Regiments before joining the Arborfield Army Apprentices College as a major on the Permanent Staff 1965-68.




Published: 1st October 2014.