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HMT ‘Dorsetshire’


(Hired Military Transport)


Contributed by Pat HAYNES (49B)


(Pat Haynes was recalled to H.Q. on 12th September 2013. ‘In Memoriam’.)




The MV ‘Dorsetshire’ served as a hospital ship during WWII; where and when it became to be used as a Troopship is lost in time, She transported one of the last REME drafts to the Far East. Draft DLKTT departed Liverpool on 1st September 1953 bound for Aden, Colombo, Singapore and Hong Kong. On its return to UK it was retired from service.




Members of Draft DLKTT


Pat HAYNES, ‘Dickie’ BIRD and ‘Taffy’ BANFIELD were posted to Singapore District Workshop REME as the first British Ors to work as Refrigeration Mechanics in the Workshop. Gordon BONNER was posted to Hong Kong.


(back row) – Dickie Bird, Spiv Young [ex-Arborfield 48B],

Gordon Usher, Gordon Bonner

(front row) – Pat Butch Haynes, Jock Kerr, Taffy Banfield

(back row) – Geordie Usher, Spiv Young, Gordon Bonner,

Taffy Banfield

(front row) – Pat Butch Haynes, Dickie Bird, Jock Kerr




Gordon BONNER 49B features in the photos above and has added the following comments………

‘We left Liverpool in October of 1953, arriving in Singapore six weeks later.  I then spent some time in the Nee Soon Garrison until I embarked on the Empire Windrush to Hong Kong, arriving in 50 Command Workshop, Yen Chow Street, Kowloon in December 1953.  What was interesting was that I was the only regular soldier in the unit below the rank of Sergeant.  All Corporals and the rest were National Servicemen.  I had a long association with 50 Command in that I was there 1953 to 56, Craftsman to Sergeant, gun tiffy to 58 Ayres Company, 34 Regt RA 1959 to 60 in Hong Kong with 50 as my second line support, and finally Captain in 50 Command as O’ic REME Tech Services Far East 1973 to 76’.

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First Published: 7th November 2006.

Latest Updates: 1st November 2013.