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Celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year, 2003

and to all those intakes that follow.



Submitted by the author



Arborfield, where once we came as youths quite callow,

Now our once productive lives are mostly lying fallow.

So here we stand with half a century having duly passed.

Thankful just to reach this day, sad for all who did not last.


Many will attend the day and see faces that may surprise,

Others will be absent but will surely wish t'were otherwise.

For those who make it then to this, the next re-union day,

Greet your mates and remember, those who've passed away.


So search now through your faltering and fading memory,

For the golden moments you can share, on this, your Jubilee.

Back then, when in our golden youth, we joined a mighty host.

So be proud of what you are, at the sounding of "Last Post".


Gerry Gregus PECK (53B)