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The Arborfield Bands


Edited by: Trevor Stubberfield 52A


The Arborfield Bands played a very important role in life at the school.  They played at all the parade rehearsals and parades that were a regular feature of the week.  They also represented the school at outside events, such as town fetes, Beating the Retreat ceremonies, parades through towns such as Wokingham and Reading.  Their presence was eagerly sought by organisers of local events and wherever they went, they were very good ambassadors of the Arborfield Army Apprentices School.  There was also a Corps of Drums and a photo is included in the Military Band section.  Music For Pleasure saw the formation of some groups.



The Military Band.

The Pipe Band

The Recreational Groups.



First Published: 15th May 2007.

Latest Update: 1st October 2012.