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Contributed by George MILLIE 49B





1st Pattern – King’s Crown

2nd Pattern – King’s Crown

3rd Pattern – Queen’s Crown








Band – Queen’s Crown



R.E.M.E. and Mystery Badge

Contributed by Ray TARRANT 65B


Ray Tarrant 2 w
“Whilst attached to 1 RHF, LAD REME, in Nee Soon, Singapore (1970-73) we had many trips and exercises ‘up country’  to Malaya. During one of these trips I swapped badges with someone I thought was Malayan – recently re-discovered it, and thought I would see what could be found out about it. The initials on the badge are J.L.J.M.”



Additional information added 1st August 2009 by The Editor
AFMC w o
Whilst at the Arborfield Old Boys Association reunion for 2009, I looked around the R.E.M.E.Museum and came across this display which I had to photograph through the glass, hence not too sharp. The badge is indeed of the Malaysian Army as Ray had thought. A.F.M.C. stands for Armed Forces Maintenance Corps which underwent several changes of organisation and name. In 1997 the corps was given its Royal title and with reference to the initials on the badge of J.L.J.M. it was known as Kor Jurutera Letrik Dan Jentera although the M is not identified. More information is available on Wikepedia from the following link


First Published: 9th November 2006

Latest Update: 1st August 2009








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