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Contributed by: George MILLIE (49B)



© Copyright of content contributed to this Archive rests with the individual author/contributor.


How you can use the content:

The text and images in the “Arborfield & The September 49ers” archival website have been contributed by ex-Army Apprentices and others and copyright rests with the authors/contributors.


If you wish to use the content:

  1. in a commercial context (e.g. a publication, CD or website the public needs to pay for to obtain, or a project such as a broadcast series or film), please contact the website manager/s and the individual author/contributor to obtain permission.


  1. under ‘fair dealing’ terms – e.g. as part of a non commercial project such as an educational research project or a cost-recovery project such as a public exhibition or publication, you may do so, but should acknowledge the provenance and copyright holder of the content in the following way. On a credits/acknowledgements page, or in a prominent position if used as part of a display:


"Arborfield & The September 49ers" is an online archive of memories and images contributed by ex-Army Apprentices and gathered by George Millie (AAS Arborfield Intake 49B) and subsequently, the current Editorial Team.  The archive can be found at:


Each entry or extract should be credited by name/site name e.g. ‘John Smith, Arborfield & The September 49ers’.


Material should not be used for political or lobbying purposes or to raise funds. If you are a political party, or affiliated group, or a charity, and wish to use content from the archive, please make your request directly to the website Editorial Team.


Users agree to respect and maintain the integrity of the image copied, and not to distort, amend or mutilate the original material. Original text and images should not be modified or adapted into a derivative work such as a film or artwork. A series of unmodified extracts can be used, i.e. assembled into a collective whole, but content from the archive should not amount to more than 20% of your website or publication.


Use of content does not give you any sublicensing rights. Any organisation or individual who wishes to use the content from the archive should be aware of these guidelines and use the content directly from the website.


For further information or clarification of the terms of use please contact ‘The Editor’.



Comprehensive information on the use of Copyright Material is available at the Intellectual Property Office online at:  


Please also refer to the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998” online at:


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First Published: 15th September 2006.

Latest Update: 15th January 2015.

By: Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A).



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