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School Magazine of The Arborfield Army Technical School (Boys)


The magazines reproduced in the following pages are an important part of the history of the Arborfield Army Technical School, subsequently known under a variety of titles.  In themselves they are of historic value, being five of the first editions printed of the school magazine.  Volume 1, Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.  They cover a period when the school underwent major changes, and dispersal of the apprentices to various areas of the U.K. to continue their training, during the build up to the Normandy invasion, the camp being used to house the gathering troops.  The new cap badge was also introduced as the Volume 1, No.3 icon below shows. Number 6 records the first time the Champion Company Banner was awarded. The Arborfield Old Boys Club was formed with an Annual Subscription of 5 shillings (25p today) or Life Membership at 2 Guineas (£2.10).

Volume 4 No. 9 shows a reduction in the quality of the publication.


We are indebted to Brian Walker 55B, Chepstow Army Apprentices School, who has made these documents available to us for the web site, and also for the work he undertook to prepare the pages for us.

Volume II No.3 and Volume 5 No.2 have been contributed by Alan Jones 61B, Arborfield Army Apprentices School.


Click on each icon below to read the designated magazine.



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   Volume 1  No.1

   December 1944


   Volume 1  No.2

   December 1945


   Volume 1  No.3

   December 1946










v1 n4 icon


128 icon w o




Volume 1  No.4

December 1947


Volume 1 No.6

December 1948


Volume II No.3

July 1952












V4 10 Icon


1 Front cover icon



Volume 4 No. 9

Spring 1961


Volume 4 No. 10

Autumn 1961


Volume 5 No. 2

Autumn 1962



In the next section The Arborfield Apprentice magazines are of a later period in the history of the College and provide interesting comparisons between “then” and “now”, depending on when you served your time there.

The following editions were kindly made available by the A.O.B.A. at the R.E.M.E. Museum.

Volume  7 Nos. 1, 3, 6, 7.

Volume  8 Nos. 1.



V7 No1 Icon




V7 No3  Icon



Volume 7 No.1

Winter 1969




Volume 7 No. 3

Summer 1970










FP V7-Icon


Icon No 7


FP No 8 icon



Volume 7 No. 6

Summer 1971


Volume 7 No. 7

Winter 1971


Volume 8 No. 1

Spring 1972



 Brian Walker 55B, Chepstow Army Apprentices School has contributed the next three editions below.



icon w







Volume XV No. 1

Spring 1979


Volume XV No. 2

Summer 1979


Volume XV No.3

Winter 1979




First Published: 1st May 2007.

Latest Update: 22nd January 2018.






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