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ALREWAS - Friday 14th July to Sunday 16th July 2017 inclusive.


The following report contributed by Trevor STUBBERFIELD (52A)


Photos included in this report remain the Copyright © of Max WARWICK 49B (MW) and and should not be copied without the express permission of the owner.



Unfortunately, this year the review is again somewhat truncated.   Mother Nature and Father Time have combined to restrict coverage.  ‘The Editor’ was absent from parade so much of the added information is hearsay.  The story is mainly told by the photographs which have kindly been provided by ‘September 49er’ Max Warwick (49B).  Should any information be forthcoming from contributors, the article will be updated with the new material on a rolling basis.

On this web site the principle we try to stick to is ‘A photo with no information remains just a photo, but a photo with the ‘who, when, where and why’ added becomes a record of our life at Arborfield’.  In the following presentation we have the when, where and why elements but we need the names and their intakes.  If you can help, please contact The Editor with any information you can add, with the photo number it applies to.  It will be much appreciated in the years to come.


A pictorial record of the 2017 A.O.B.A. Reunion.


Friday, ‘the gathering in’.                    Saturday Events. (62 Photos).



First Published:  15th August 2017.


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